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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Why should we pay for a professional photographer when our friends can take photographs for us?

A:  Anyone can take a photograph.  That's the easy bit!  The skill is in creating a picture.  I am sure that some nice photographs can be taken by just about anyone when all the conditions are favourable.  The weather is nice, it's a pretty church, there are nice gardens at the reception venue, what is there to go wrong?
What about when there is bad weather and everything has to be shot indoors, where there is poor lighting in the church or the registry office?  What about getting those group shots when really everyone wants to have a drink at the bar?  What about incorporating some stunning landscapes into the wedding photographs?
Your friends will probably have small, compact 'point and shoot' cameras, whereas a professional photographer will have 'high end' professional equipment with much higher picture resolution, and back-up equipment should anything fail.
Far more importantly, the professional photographer will have a lot of experience in wedding photography, which is something your friends are unlikely to have.
  If you can tell the difference between a 'snapshot' photograph and a professionally created photograph, you are already understanding the worth of a professional photographer.  
Now fast-forward ten, fifteen, twenty or thirty years.  What is the one lasting reminder of your wedding day?  The photographs!  The dress was only worn once and no you won't wear it a second time if you re-marry, and no your daughter will not wear it at her wedding!   The wedding cars were only used once, the men's suits were only hired for the day, the meal lasted an hour or so, and the cake was soon finished up.  Most of these things are gone once the day is over, and the only truly lasting element will be your memories.  Your wedding album is the embodiment of those memories, so it makes sense to have something that will give you as much enjoyment and pride twenty or thirty years after the event as it did on the day you first received it.



Q:  Who takes the photographs on the day?

A:  I do.  There is no question of some stranger turning up on the day to take your photographs.  For some packages I will have a second photographer taking purely candid pictures.  You will be dealing with me before, during and after the wedding.

Q:  How many photographs do you take?

A:  As many as are needed.  There are no limits.

Q:  How do we choose our photographs?

A:  I will do the initial editing and bring the total down to manageable numbers.  These will be presented to you on a CD as a slide show which will run on your computer, and as a book of printed thumbnail images.  Using the slide show and book will enable you to choose the images you want for your album.


Q:  When does your coverage start and finish?

A:  I will start as early as you like, so pictures of 'getting ready' can be included (not available on some packages), and finish when everyone is  seated for the meal.  Coverage beyond this point is charged as extra, depending on what is required.


Q:  Do we have a say in our album design?

A:  Yes.  Once I have done the initial design it can be e-mailed to you as a PDF.  Any revisions you require are done and a revised PDF sent.  Once the final design is agreed, you will come to my studio and review it on my high resolution studio screens, and choose other things such as the album cover design, page material, etc.


Q:  Do we have to pay a deposit, and when do you require the full payment?

A:  A non-refundable deposit of £100-00 is required at the time of booking.  At the pre-wedding consultation, usually two weeks before the wedding, the full balance is payable.


Please not that this section is not yet complete, there is more to be added!