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The amount of time trouble and money spent in preparing for one of the most special days of your life cannot be under-estimated.   Months, and in some cases years, are spent planning for just one day.  It makes sense, therefore, that you plan your wedding day with style and quality in mind.

In the same way that you have made sure that your dress is made from quality materials by skilled dressmakers, and you have chosen your reception venue based upon it's reputation for high standards of food, service and location, so you should choose your wedding photographer based upon the quality of his work and his ability to 'create pictures', not just to 'take photographs'. 

If you have stayed with me so far, you must be looking for a photographer who can work to very high standards.  I offer such a service.  My experience photographing weddings has been built up over many years, and I want you to benefit from that experience.  I want to help you make your special day even more memorable.


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Equal care is given to portraits.  At my main studio there is a secondary dedicated portrait studio which is fully equipped for every type of commission.  Whether it is a baby of only a few weeks old, to toddlers, teenagers, adults and beyond, beautiful portraits are created which will be cherished for a lifetime.
However, portraits are not only confined to the studio.  Another option is the 'environmental' portrait, where the pictures are taken out in the environment.  South Wales has a rich diversity of coastal, urban and rural areas, and it would be a shame to ignore them as settings for some memorable photographs.
Portraits can be traditionally presented in a wide selection of frames, or printed on canvas to be either framed or created as a 'canvas wrap' which needs no frame.

Please note that this section is not yet complete, there is more to be added!